Posting Form:
Name: Jamie
Age: 25
Location: Nebraska
What's in your journal: I'll admit I haven't posted a lot, and it's usually either ramblings about work or fitness. Sometimes I write Glee fanfiction (but I'm sort of losing interest). Most recently I've been fixated on The Vampire Diaries, so my main posts will be about that and any fanfic I write... I really want people to add me for that reason.
What rating is your journal: Eh, not too racy
Favourite TVD season/book(s): So far the end of Season 2 has been awesome. There were season 3 episodes I really liked.
Favourite TVD character(s): I'm a sucker for Damon, I gotta say.
Favourite TVD pairing(s): This is gonna sound weird, but I'm Team Salvatore, not in an incesty-slash way, though.
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: I'm a Spanish teacher, reading, writing, and running.
Friending policy: If you friend me, it'd be cool if you could leave comments on my TVD  posts, even if it's just to say you agree.
Where to add you: LJ please
What you do in fandom: I have written a fanfic on Fell's Church Library, which is linked at my journal. I was in the process of writing another one, but I didn't want to get ahead of myself in non-canon material.
Other fandoms you like: I have to be honest, I don't read much fanfiction because it's usually about pairings.
Other comms you like: ONTD, The Question Club, Teaching
Anything else you'd like to share: Not really...  friend me if you've read my posts about TVD and are interested. I'm not trying to be the center of attention, but I want people to read my posts with the intention of sparking dialogue and sharing an interest. I don't really have people that I can talk about TVD with, except for on LJ. Thanks!


Name: Matilda
Age: 23
Location: Sweden
What's in your journal: Abusive use of CAPS, manic fangirling over pretty boys, lots of flailing, keyboardsmashing, screencaps, occasional rants. 
What rating is your journal: ITS NOT WORKSAFE.
Favourite TVD season/book(s): Season 2! (haven't read the books)
Favourite TVD character(s): Caroline! And Tyler...... and Damon!
Favourite TVD pairing(s): FORWOOD!! And Jyler, Dalena, Matt/Caroline
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: What else is there? HEHE JK. I play rugby, gym, hang out with friends, snuggle with my cats, spend time with bf, cook, shopping... OH and I study too... -_-
Friending policy:  My journal is semi-friends only, some posts can only be viewed by friends (mainly posts abour RL) but most is public for anyone. If we share any interests, go ahead and add me! but plz let me know if you do so I can add back.
Where to add you: Add my LJ! And you can add my TUMBLR too if you like!
What you do in fandom: UHM Fangirl? Occasionally do graphics and icons... but its been... "a while".... 2 yrs or so.
Other fandoms you like: Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, asian dramas, JE, Tomorrow when the war began, Misfits, Dexter....etc.
Other comms you like: ER... 
Anything else you'd like to share: ADD ME! I NEED FRIENDS TO FLAIL OVER TVD WITH!

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Howdy-do. :D

Name: ...I just go by INMH.
Age: 19
Location: New Hamp-shah. :D
What's in your journal: Lots of Fanfiction... I rant on occasion, vent on occasion, recently had a lot of stuff about stopping SOPA... As well as the occasional entertaining anecdote.
What rating is your journal: At highest, NC-17. But I think NC-17 material (All fanfiction) counts for maybe ten percent of the journal on the whole? And I mark all R and higher entries with the 'Explicit Adult Content' settings.
Favourite TVD season/book(s): Season 3. Why? The Originals. :3
Favourite TVD character(s): All of the Originals, i.e. Mikael, Esther, Rebekah, Klaus, Elijah... I also enjoy Katherine, Damon, Lexi... I like just about everyone, but those are my favorites.
Favourite TVD pairing(s): Mikael/Esther (I'm relatively new to TVD, so I'm still feeling out which pairings I enjoy the most)
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: (There's life outside of fandom?) Mm... Video games, movies, TV, books (Still have to check out the TVD books), erm... Psychology. I'm interested in psychology.
Friending policy: I'm cool with anyone friending me. I'll probably even friend back.
Where to add you: I'm on LJ and Fanfiction.net (Also INMH there)
What you do in fandom: Fanfiction, as well as episode discussion (The latter falls primarily in with Supernatural)
Other fandoms you like: Supernatural, Rule of Rose, Harry Potter, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Bully, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Battlestar Galactica (2003), Once Upon a Time, Silent Hill, Batman (Anything but the comics. DC-verse is one big mind-f. I'm not kidding).
Other comms you like: Ooh, you had to ask: spnnewsletter, spn_het, spn_balthazar, spn_castiel, spn_angels, tvd_rareships, tvd_hiatus, tvd_women, tvd_newsletter, abc_ouat... Etc.
Anything else you'd like to share: ...Mm... Can't think of anything right now.
Tony Stark

Hello hello :)

Name: Cat or Rinny or Doey (I'm really not picky)
Age: 21
Location: sometimes Scotland, sometimes the USA, depends on the time of year
What's in your journal: fangirling, many reviews of various television shows, fic for various fandoms, rambling about my real life
What rating is your journal: PG-13ish, maybe R sometimes
Favourite TVD season/book(s): ooh, tie between Season 2 and Season 3; I've never read the books, though.
Favourite TVD character(s): Damon, Jeremy, Klaus, Stefan, Matt, Alaric, sometimes Caroline
Favourite TVD pairing(s): Damon/Jeremy (there aren't many of us out there, but it's a really fun pairing), I also dabble in Damon/Alaric
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: writing, film studies, music, running (when I'm not being lazy), going to the movies by myself, probably other things I can't think of right now.
Friending policy: Friend me, I don't bite :)
Where to add you: LJ, tumblr (it's brand new, so don't expect too much there yet), and my fanfiction.net page, because sometimes I still post there
What you do in fandom: fic, almost always slash, although I have some old het fics rattling around on ff.net
Other fandoms you like: Harry Potter, Glee, a little bit of Hollyoaks, Suits, White Collar, a smidgeon of Take That
Other comms you like: puckurt, suck_love, suits_fic, tvd_slash, plus quite a few more
Anything else you'd like to share: I'm very friendly, don't hesitate to friend me if anything here looks like your cup of tea. :D
steve, danno, mcdanno

Hello all :)

Name: Vickie (as well :p)
Age: 20
Location: England, UK
What's in your journal: Rewiews/reactions, random stuff, cute things reblogged from my tumblr (victoriaackles.tumblr.com)
Favourite TVD season/book(s): Season 3 + Second book (The Struggle)
Favourite TVD character(s):Stefan, Katherine, Klaus (TV) --- Stefan, Matt, Damon (Books)
Favourite TVD pairing(s): Klefan (Kaus + Stefan), Klaulette (Klaus x Charlotte), Daremy (Damon x Jeremy) Steferine (Stefan + Katherine) Jyler (Jeremy + Tyler) Stelena (Stefan + Elena) Steroline (Stefan + Caroline) Dalaric (Damon + Alaric) (TV)   --- Defan (Damon + Stefan), Statt (Stefan + Matt) (Books)
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Animals, Psychology, Music, reading
Friending policy: The more the Merrier :) However, I am not a Delena fan in the slightest. I don't hate on characters/ships but you won't find anything to do with the pairing in my journal/blog either. I respect that some people ship them, so please respect that I don't.
Where to add you: (lj, tumblr, dw, etc) vickie_08.livejournal.com , victoriaackles.tumblr.com , vickie_08.dreamwidth.org , www.youtube.com/user/VictoriaAckles
What you do in fandom: Lurker, commenter, userpics, occasional beta
Other fandoms you like: TVD, Merlin, Glee, Hollyoaks, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, Charmed, Supernatural, Downton Abbey, Hawaii-Five-0, The Social Network, White Collar, Criminal Minds, Psych, Dr Horrible, The Big Bang Theory, Leverage, Sherlock and many more :P
Other comms you like: kurt_blaine, stevedannoslash, whitecollar_tv.livejournal.com, jensen_cougar, inspector_lewis
For more check my profile :)
Favourite tvd blogshonourinrevenge , trafalgar , stefanspenis , Klefansex, mysticfalls paul-ian (plus many more :P)
Anything else you'd like to share -  Since most of the comms on lj are delena centric, most of my tvd stuff is located at my tumblr under my tvd tag or stefan tag. One thing I'd like to say is that I've seen a lot of people hating on Stelena fans, calling them delusional and blaming them for everything bad that seems to happen in the show. I do not tolerate ship wars and character hate in my journal/blog, so do not friend me if you participate in that sort of thing. 
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wow, I'm first. that's kinda scary, ngl

Name: Vicky
Age: 28
Location: Dela-where?
What's in your journal: I use my LJ for rants and personal venting.
What rating is your journal: R for language.
Favourite TVD season/book(s): One. I stopped at the beginning of two. Blame the loss of cable. :/ I know bits and pieces of what's going on thanks to LJ comms and tumblr.
Favourite TVD character(s): Caroline, Anna, Bonnie, Pearl, and Damon
Favourite TVD pairing(s): Caroline/Tyler, Bonnie/Damon, Anna/Jeremy
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: photography, collecting way too many things (swords and I blame Highlander for that, dolls, and coins), reading, writing, video gaming, sports
Friending policy: Like I said, I only use my LJ to vent. If you don't mind and aren't out to start drama, I welcome you.
Where to add you: LJ and Tumblr
What you do in fandom: Read fic mostly in this one. I'm more active in other fandoms.
Other fandoms you like: Heroes, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Being Human, Sherlock, Marvel, TVD, Star Trek 2009 and various animes and mangas.
Other comms you like: sylar_peter, spock_uhura, marvel_slash, and ohnotheydidnt
Anything else you'd like to share: Nope. I'm more active on tumblr than LJ. I reblog things related to the fandoms I'm in (mainly hot guys).